What is Ticksy?

Customer Support. Simply.

Have you used a web-based support app lately?

If you have, we’re guessing it was pretty much “over.” Overwhelming. Over expensive. Over complex. Over featured.

Thankfully there’s a new, better way. A simpler way. A time-saving, sleek, affordable way. A Ticksy way. At Ticksy, we’re so over being “over.” You don’t need the headache or the expense or the bloatware – and neither do your customers.

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The customer support tools you actually need.
Nothing you don't.

  • Branded.


    Ticksy lets you choose a subdomain and customize your logo to match your brand for a seamless customer experience.

  • Envato-friendly.


    Ticksy is designed to easily integrate with Envato, making it simple to support and verify purchases from Day One.

  • Time-saving.


    Ticksy’s clean design and interface makes the support process simple and intuitive for you and – more importantly – your customers.

  • Bloat-free.


    Focus on supporting your customers, not managing an app. Ticksy offers the support tools you actually need. No bloatware.

  • Affordable.


    At just $5 per user per month – and no hidden costs – Ticksy enables you to provide stellar customer support for the cost of one iced vanilla latte with an extra shot.

  • Sleek.


    Ticksy’s simple, intuitive dashboard gives you the tools to stay organized, drive efficiency and provide top-flight customer service.

“I've been using Ticksy for a little over a month now, and it's awesome. 88 tickets and counting ...”
Mordauk, CodeCanyon Author